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Major: Audio Engineering


Spencer Alarcon


My names Spencer Alarcon, I’m a twenty two year old musician, tracking and mixing engineer.  Currently I’m an intern at Serenity West Recording Studio in Hollywood, CA. I’m also an active member of AES (Audio Engineering Society) and contributor of Lolipop Records in Echo Park, CA. At Serenity West I work on tracking drums, acoustic guitars, electric guitar amps, grand pianos, bass amps/DI bass, and vocals to mixing and editing sessions. I’ve been in multiple gigging/touring bands playing SXSW and up to the Pacific Northwest. I have experience regarding electronics, studio recording, music theory, field recording, science of sound, and studio acoustics. I currently use Pro Tools 10 as my main DAW but have experience with 11 and HD as well as Logic and Ableton. I have experience working with artists in the studio to wrapping cables to setting up headphone mixes to patching cables.  I’m looking for as many opportunities as I can in role myself in to gain further knowledge about the industry.

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