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Chapter 18 Recording Connection Blog Posted on 2015-01-26 by Tanner Bjorklund

This chapter was very informative about acoustic history and less about demonstrative skills on how to put these acoustic sounds and rooms together when creating a studio. However, it is helpful to know what I'll need to create a more professional studio of my own. The room set up is very important as well as the placement of its instruments in order to create quality music with a professional sound. I know that I will need to invest in absorbers, trapers, new desktops and stands to hold my monitors at the right position (head height) from me. After creating music at home and recording a song in a professional studio last week, I realize how important sound proofing is in a studio environment. I am definitely going to invest money into creating my own sound proof studio environment. All in all, this lesson was great and I look forward to applying my knowledge of sound acoustics to the future. 

-tanner bjorklund

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