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Time-based effects Posted on 2017-08-14 by Riley Heaslip

Time based effects are very helpful/useful and even something as simple as reverb can make an entire song sound so much better.  There are obviously plenty of other effects like chorusing, delay, compressor/limiters, flanging, and phasing. There are also a lot of types of reverb but id say the main thing is what type of room its acting as if the sound was in because reverb is basically the echoing of the sounds in the room unless its done through a pluggin then its just not a "natural" reverb but stills acts as the sme thing.  All together i still think time based affects are a little difficult to know when and where to use them, you also need to know how much siganl to put in the mix and how much feedback to have, then thers also things like predelay, decay and density, which will also alter the sound tramendously.

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Riley Heaslip

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