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Major: Audio Engineering

There are many different paths that led me to this road.  Simply for the fact this road is paved, although foggy and unclear as of now, makes it truly the way for me.  I am a man of many talents, although my passion has always, and inherently been, known to be the musical arts.  I am from nowhere, but have lived what feels like everythwere, from the small town of Independence, Kentucky, to the third world city of San Cristobal, Velezuela.  

Most of my family lives in Austria and North Carolina.  Weird, I know.  I was born at the fore, bred in the latter.

My musical experience is vicarious, mostly entirely through my classical musician parents and through religious upbringing.  I am also a fan of many genres, tempos, origins and historical periods, but most genuinely enjoy the art of good writing and quality sound. 

What leads me to this career choice is failure.  Failure to find that anything else truly pleases me or fascinates me to the point of passion.  So with that said, I am here, engaging a skill set that I know will allow me to blossom, and poised at a place to see where this inherent set of musical skills takes me once adequately equipped!


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David Keller

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