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 Hi my name is Demario Townsend and I was born deep down in a little city of Arkansas called earle to a women name Lavonne Razor who shortly  after having me moved to the city of blues Memphis and from there my striving and dreaming of doing music with all the big names was only the beginning imagine eating and the rusty looking resturant where these local celebrities got there start to meeting issac hayes and having a one on one with to signing up with big names schools news letters to see million dollars studios saying thats go be mine one day.and listening to orchestral music rock music pensada's place, chris lord alge, kevin barnes,p.diddy interviews,motivational speakers like les brown james brown and many other legends from memphis saying to myself i got that legendary gene in me and to name a few from Memphis like Aretha,AL Green to earth wind and fire Memphis's own Maurice White r-i-p first and faremost from my parents the gifts of music and how to paint it colorfully though like in this little city feels like the city i know when i do arrive at the big cities itll seem small because i got the eye of the tiger as memphis own wrote it best. yes i also had my run ins with life with the passing of my parents throughout life and nearly having brother nearly killed being shot mulitple times to slepping in abandon houses to go to shelters but im here living my dreams with intent on finishing the dreams that god gave me because i believe that its possible if nothing else is understood in this e-p-k (dont give up on your dreams) in the words of Les Brown and Young Jezzy

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Chapter 1 Sound and hearingPosted by Demario Townsend on 2016-07-09

This lesson has been quite an eye opener,i'm thinking more on book knowledge but really gave me  a revelation of the body and the actual world we live is like the movie the matrix, a world of endless possibilities while learning the deep dark secrets of world renown mixers like chris lord algee and tony marsaratii to be a couple of name to add to mine that also knows this secret and thats half the battle with time will bring experiance... Read More >>