Jacob CollinsMemphis Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering


I aim to record and produce music so awesome it should be illegal! ( Its not illegal by the way ) i try apply as much creativity as humanly possible to provide fresh, intuitive world changing mixes. I believe that music has no rules, only guide lines which are frequently stretched. The really world is full of rules and laws that need to be followed, but when you enter the world of music creativity’s the name of the game. i enjoy all genres and music styles.

Music theory, rules and scales are great. They provide a solid grounding for your journey to mastering a particular instrument or vocals. But most people let the theory and the scales control their music making, after a while your “creativity” gets replaced by the scale of 5th’s and maths. My goal is to break all the rules various people have set for music and recording. Because its not the theory and scales that make the music, its the creativity and originality that makes it. I want to record music that “breaks the rules”.