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Major: Production and Audio Engineering

I'm Rachel Ross.

Born and raised in the one stop light town of Somerville,TN.

I believe we are born with music in our souls- our blood naturally flowing melodically to this world, our hearts a little more in tune with life, our minds wired to think deeper than just the average seeing eye. Rhythmatic to this Universe.

Since the age I can recall my first memories, I've been in what I call the most romantic and intimate relationship a human will ever experience with MUSIC. It's the one thing I know might keep the world spinning a little longer. The one thing that can never truly leave you.

There's been a lot of extreme phases in my life, each accompanied by a different type of music genre that would unknowingly mold me into who I am today. I'll put it like this; I grew up singing in the church choir and by the age of 19 was in just about every street in the infamous hoods of Memphis. I've seen a lot. I've done a lot.I've been broken.I've been lost. I've kind of aimlessly floated through life for some years now. But I wouldn't change any of my past. I am who I am because of it. More importantly, it's inspiried my living and unborn creations of music.

I can play and sing you a song on piano or guitar with an Indie/Acoustic/Folk sound and heart wrenching lyrics.

I can rap to you about the actual raw and gritty life of the cold hearted streets. Because I've lived and breathed all of these things.

There's been a lot of times I really thought I'd just give up on finding a direction in this industry that would fit to me. I'm so grateful that all the times I should've died,that I'm more alive than I've ever been now and am filled with hope because of the MUSIC

I've never quite fit in. And I never want to. I hear sounds and ideas in my head that I've never heard.... anywhere.

So I will do as I naturally do and rebel through creation. I've never liked rules or regulations. And with music I'll break them all with complete intention.




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Rachel Ross

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