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Session 3 Posted on 2015-11-01 by Quinten Gordon

This session was at the same studio as last time, I really like this one. It started as always, we went over the chapter quiz. I always have difficulty when it comes to that time. I've gotta start going over them right before the sessions, because I usually always blank. He helped me remember the connection between audio and film, that made it much easier to understand. The chapter was just really complex, it was a lot to take in. 

Moving on, this session was a lot more exciting simply because he let me get more hands on with pro tools. This time instead of me watching him mix & master an artist's song/project, he started showing me how to find my tempo, different modes in pro tools, what each of them are for, the importance of linking my timeline, etc. I can't wait until I actually get it myself & I get to learn about it way more. 

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