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Been awhile - Blog 5 Posted on 2014-05-13 by Travis Wentzell

Well after finally getting Pro Tools (y) here I am with Blog number 5. Seems like a lot has happened since my last one, so hope I can summarize it all. Well firstly, did a Raggae show on the 3rd of May, and it really showed what can happen with poor organization. My mentor and I showed up knowing just one thing; that we had to mic and do sound for "A" band. Their ended up being two opening acts, which was okay. The biggests issue I had was juat no official time of when this band was supposed to go on, or when they were finished. The go with the flow mentality by the organisers was frustrating to say the least. But anyway, the 8th of May was my first show doing everything from working the board to doing set up (mostly) by myself and then getting paid for it at the end of the night. Had some minor glitches with equipment and didn't get a monitor working until near the end of the show, but it would of most likely been solved before the show had the band showed up for the scheduled sound check. So a rough couple weeks of gigs for sure, but bring on the next one. 

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