Desiree HolidayNashville Recording Connection

Major: Audio Production

I was born in Fort Knox, Kentucky. Being a part of a military family, I later moved to Texas, then Kansas, Seuol, Korea, and lastly Fairfax and Loudoun county, Virginia respectively. I participated in piano lessons and concerts for several years, later picking up the trumpet my 5th grade year of elemnetary school. I graduated from Freedom High School in 2010. There, I marched in Freedom's Spirit of Freedom Marching Band for four years on trumpet. I was also a part of the girls basketball team for three years, as well as the girls track and feild team for four years.

I graduated from Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN with a Bachelors of Science in Mass Communications. I marched with Tennessee State University's Aristocrat of Bands for four years on trumpet. As a mass communications major concentraing on production, I prodcued and independently hosted my own radio show call Soul Flight 1097 on TSU's broadcast, WTST The Blaze, channel 99 (broadcasted on TSU campus). I interned and later worked for a local radio station called WENO 760AM The Gospel, in which I observed and worked with local radio ledgend Clarence Kilcrease, and later became the Assistant Production Manager. Since graduating from TSU, I have been making my living at a local gas station while attending the Recording Connection.

Traveling the world at a young age and having a mother obessed with Micheal Jackson, music became an intrinsic part of my life. Music is sound, and sound is vibration. Everything that lives, vibrates, thus everything emits sound or noise. these sounds and noises have different psycological effects on the brain in every aspect- from how and at what rate the nureons fire (physical), what the mind produces as far as thoughts and mode of thinking (mental), and lastly the combination of one's mental state with that of the body that allows one to have revaltions and see and feel things beyond this dimension of existance (spiritual). I combine my love for music and philosphy everytime i tackle a peice of music either editing, mixing, or composing it myself. I am also very passionate about the betterment of the Afro-centric and other underdeveloped communities, and I attempt to use my musical ability to ressurect the truth and life of humanity with the overstanding that we are all vibrations trying to find the most harmonious way to live.


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