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The Muse Posted on 2018-10-24 by Desiree Holiday

I always love it when people come up to me and say “I want to do music,” and I always respond, “What do you want to do with music?” It tickles me because I have been there, as I’m sure we all have. There are so many aspects of the music industry that within it is there is an array of other industries that create the music or entertainment industry. As chapter 19 mentioned, while there are several key jobs that take a record from point A to point B, these jobs can essentially be handled by one or a handful of people. These jobs are simple enough to be handled by one or a couple of people, but they are challenging in that if they are not executed correctly, it can damage the potential of the project. For example, a songwriter who also handles his or her own publishing in an effort to keep all of the publishing rights and money earned. While a finically good idea, practically it may not be the best idea because the publisher’s job is to look for ways for the song or songs to make money by pitching them to other artists, film makers, marketing companies for commercials not only in the US but worldwide if possible! After that is accomplished, the publisher must then recoup the money made from these agreements. It is a full time job. A songwriter may find his or her songwriting taking a backseat to ensuring the songs that have been written and found placement are compensated for, leaving little time to write new material for future placement. This is all in an attempt to keep as much of the profits as possible. I have had to take the time to figure out what am I willing to sacrifice in order to reach my ultimate goal. I certainly do not want to be under a contract that binds me and diminishes my potential earnings. I also do not want to be so engulfed in something else that I neglect my songwriting and music production. For me right now, the most important thing is to earn credits, get more business, and above all else retain the ownership of my material. With that in mind, I am willing to sign with a publisher even if they will take half of my 9.1 cents, because right now my goal is get my music out there and build a name for myself in this arena of music. In time, I will not only have more negotiating power, I will hopefully be able to retain my own publishing rights (if I even feel like taking on that task). This was just one example of many that not only I have experienced, but many of peers have experienced, as we try to carve out our place in this business and make a living out of it. I think the secret to really figuring out what you want to do with music is deciding what you are and what you are not willing to put up with, what you are and are not willing to handle, and what you do or truly do not have an interest or talent for. There really is room for everyone to find their place and make a living.


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