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I grew up in Portland, Oregon. A fun place to grow up. I was part of my local school and church choral groups until highschool and part of a choral group directed by Ralph Nelson of the Portland Symphony as a child. I went to an alternate school my sophomore year, Arts and Communication Magent Academy, in Beaverton, Oregon. While there, I studied a vocal path. As well as other arts. My love for music continued while my musical career fell by the wayside. Then, my senior year, I was briefly part of a rock duo in highschool, Velvet Ghosts.

The Velvet Ghosts played a few local shows around Portland, but were mostly into the love of music itself. We recorded an EP very simplistically to fit the motif of a simple duo band with 2 instruments. The Satin Graves EP was mostly recorded in an old forgotten burial ground not far from where the band resided. Velvet Ghosts changed my mindset and my focus on the future. Though, coming out of highschool, Velvet Ghosts members soon got busy with the ways of life and focused on different goals.

Now, living in Nashville, my musical focus and life passion as hit an all time high. Being a student with Recording Connection, I'm following my dreams and learning from the best people around. My renewed focus and determination has guided me thus far in this journey and will only allow me to go farther. With my breaks in focus through the years, I've approached this as if entering a whole new world. Becausing in a way, I am. I'm learning all new topics, tactics, and have begun a whole new, different, chapter of my life.

With my personal experience in mind, and the tools I will continue to learn along the way I will be helping great artists make great music. Meeting great people along the way. Maybe even you.

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