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Major: Audio Engineering

My name is Krista Petti and I am a musican and sound engineer. I have 14 years of experience in music. My first instrument that I learned was the piano and from there I furthered my music knowledge to better my understanding of music itself. I am able to play up to 14 instrumments and counting. I am a New Jersey resident and graduated with a scholarship to the University of the Arts for Music Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology, but ending out my first two semesters, I realized I wanted to move my career quicker. I am in two bands (one classic rock cover band and one indie band) and I sing and accompany myself on the guitar at many events including outdoor concerts, charity events, Relay for Life, sporting events, coffee houses, open mics, church, and DIY concerts. Music has always been a enormous part of my life and I am very excited for my future and what it might bring with my career.  

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Krista Petti

MasteringPosted by Krista Petti on 2016-08-23

Ahhh! Finally! The final step in finishing a recording and what everyone waits on. I was taught how to master a track and how important it is to do it write because this is the final copy and what will be duplicated for the listeners... Read More >>