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Major: Audio Engineering

Hey there! My name's Sam and I'm training to be a recording engineer at Abbot Street Studios in East London.

I'd never considered the technical side of music production until I started listening to electronic dance music when I was about 13. That got me interested in digital audio and the manipulation of sound and now here I am, years later, learning the trade and hopefully breaking into the industry once and for all.

It'd be easy to say I like all kinds of music but truthfully, I don't. A lot of it I just 'put up with', for want of a better term. So if I can take a song and do whatever I can to make it just that bit more pleasing to the ears, I know I've done myself and quite a few others a solid. In all seriousness though, I want every song to sound the best it can and it makes me happy knowing that I had a hand in achieving that.

At the end of the day, I'm a professional. Whatever your sound, I will work my hardest to get it exactly where you want it to be. Look no further for an engineer; I'm your man.

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Samuel Howlett

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