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Major: Audio Engineering/Producing

Thomas L. Hunter Jr, a apiring musician & entrpreneur, was born in Pennsylvania July 26, 1991. Although born in PA he was raised in Baltimore, Maryland most of his life as a teen. At a young age Thomas was intrigued with music and gravitated towards the drums while growing up in church. He started playing for his church in Essex, Maryand at the age of nine and continued all the way through highschool. Much of Thomas\'s highschool years consisted more football & music then anything else. Having love & passion for both, he contintued to pursue them in college, attending Norfolk State University. At this level of demanding excellence, football & music requried absoulte focus. Thomas made the decision to pursue music full force, he enrolled into The Recording Connection and studied at Wright Studios in Baltimore, Chung King studios in New York, as well as Engine Room in New York. Now currently he is settled in VA beach studying at Soul Haven studios, playing drums and building a business for the future.


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Thomas L. Hunter

\"THE RE-acquaintance\"Posted by Thomas L. Hunter on 2014-11-27

Happy Thanksgiving to all! This is my first blog and im new to this online structure that the Recording Connection created, and as me being a old student that was use to the books this new "wave"(my slang lol) of learning is AMAZING!!! So I personally would like to thank everyone at the Recording Connection!! Now, the reacquaintance... Read More >>