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observation 1.23.18 Posted on 2018-01-29 by Andrea Lopez

We spent time in the mezz going over songs an engineer mixed and some techniques he used. For example, he told us to cut back about 20% or so on an effect if we really like it. Since you may like it, you tend to add a little more than needed so cutting back a few would be reccommended since it will get amplified during the mastering process as well. Then we headed to the mastering room and Mark talked about the acoustics in the room. He pointed out the diffusers in the back and front of the room as well as the absorbers on the sides. The walls were also decoupled by the rest of the studio. The listening postition was very accurate but unfortunetly it becomes less acurate if you are anywhere else in the room that wasn't the listening position. 

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Andrea Lopez

observation 1.16.18Posted by Andrea Lopez on 2018-01-18

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