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Andrea Lopez

observation 1.16.18Posted by Andrea Lopez on 2018-01-18

We were in the mezz and focused on recording on a mic with different polar patterns. We played a song on an iphone and rotated it around the mic changing it from cardiod, hyper cardiod, omnidirectional, and bidirectional... Read More >>

Andrea Lopez

observation #8 10/03/17Posted by Andrea Lopez on 2017-10-06

We were placed in the mastering room today with mark. He had to master a few tracks a client had sent him. It was quick since he already knew what he was looking for plus he said there wasn't much he could do with what the client had given him... Read More >>

Andrea Lopez

observation #6Posted by Andrea Lopez on 2017-09-20

Today, Mark gave us that group project to work on again where we had to record live sound, a sampler, and midi. He wasn't with us again but another engineer that was with us last time, Rojan, was there again to answer any questions we had... Read More >>