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Brian Logar

Lesson 5 - MicsPosted by Brian Logar on 2014-06-21

Date: 3/11/14 Time In: 5 PM Time Out: 6:30 PM This was defintiely my favorite lesson so far, mainly because I was actually able to handle some of the studio equipment that pertained to the lesson... Read More >>

Brian Logar

ConnectivityPosted by Brian Logar on 2014-05-11

Not the most exciting lesson, but important nonetheless.  Being a guitarist for many years, I've dealt with only some of the cables and connectors introduced in this chapter... Read More >>

Brian Logar

Digital AudioPosted by Brian Logar on 2014-05-11

This chapter seemed like it wouldn't be fun at all. Turns out it wasn't too bad.  My father is quite knowledgeable in most of the topics in this chapter ansd was able to explain things to me better than the internet (and even my mentor) could... Read More >>