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Session 2: Basic Electronics Posted on 2014-03-11 by Brian Logar

This chapter was significantly shorter than the first one, and happened to deal with a subject I already knew a decent amount about.  The concepts in basic electronics, like resistance, current, and voltage, have been seemingly drilled into my head in all my years at school.  Plus, I had recently taken my Technician's Amatuer Radio licensing exam, where these concepts were hit pretty hard, too.

Since the chapter was fairly short, and since I knew that I would have few questions to ask Arnold about the topic, I came up with a rather large list of questions about things that I wasn't understanding in my early exploits as any amatuer producer.  I brought in my MPC with my laptop and basically ran down the list of questions with Arnold so I clould better understand the navigation of the DAW that came with my MPC hardware.  He seemed surprised at what I had already been able to figure out on my own, and he also answered many of my questions directly, openeing many doors and solvingmany problems for me.  

Overall, this session was great.  Not only did I understand all of the components of the chapter, but I also impressed my mentor by demonstrating my eagerness to learn and got many of my questions about my early production career answered.  Can't get any better than that.

Date of session: 2/18/14

Time in: 5:00 PM

Time Out: 6:30 PM

Session #2

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