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Lesson 5 - Mics Posted on 2014-06-21 by Brian Logar

Date: 3/11/14

Time In: 5 PM

Time Out: 6:30 PM

This was defintiely my favorite lesson so far, mainly because I was actually able to handle some of the studio equipment that pertained to the lesson.  After briefly going over some of the microphone textbook concepts with me, Arnold brought me into a room which contained Chung King's 'mic locker.'  From there he showed me a bunch of different mics, most of which I recognized from the text.  First straight away was the SM57, which was the first thing I gravitated toward considering that I see it EVERYWHERE.  He even hesitantly allowed me to hold the U87, and only told me how expensive it was AFTER he handed it to me.  That made me feel a bit uncomfortable but also humbled by the awe of such awesome technology.

We weren;t actually able to plug in the mics individually and test them out for frequency response and pickup patterns and whatnot, but I didn't exactly expect us to considering there was a session going on in the A room.  But even so, understanding what it is that these mics do makes me feel much more knowledgeable and confident :) Stoked for next week and hopefully for more hands on stuff! 

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