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Lesson 6 - Mic Placement Posted on 2014-06-21 by Brian Logar


Time In: 5 PM

Time Out: 6 PM

Another hands on lesson!  This week we dealt with mic placement.  Now I knew that where exactly the mic(s) is placed is important, but never realized exactly HOW important it really is.  This was shown to me by Arnold, who was able to gather some mics of several different assortments and was able to demonstrate some of the micing techniques illustrated in the book.  We were able to go over close and distant mic placing, but didn't really touch too much on ambience (which I didn't exactly care for really anyway at the time).  HE showed me the XY configuration that he uses frequently.  He also expressed his confusion about using the mid-side technique, and claimed that he personally had nevert found it useful.  But what I love about how he teaches is that with every bit of advice that he gives that relates to his personal way of going about things, he stresses that THERE ARE NO RULES and the way he does things is just from his own experience.

Now I need a microphone.  I explained to Arnold what my price range and possible uses for a mic where, and he recommended a Rhode NT1-A condeser mic.  Gonna pick it up soon :)

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