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Lesson 8 - Intro to Pro Tools Posted on 2014-06-21 by Brian Logar

Things are starting to really turn up.

Getting started with Pro Tools!!  Now this lesson was the boring 'specs' and 'requirements' lesson, that is quite mundane yet absolutely necessary.  I'm pretty decent with computers myself (thankfully) so this lesson was pretty easy to get through and Arnold made it even easier.  I brought in my laptop (like I do every session) and we looked over the machine and made sure that everything on it allowed for Pro Tools to run optimally.  I knew that the computer I have can handle it, consdiering my dad customized it to his super high standards.  Arnold agreed, and told me that I should have no problem installing it and gave me his number and email just in case I was having any trouble at home installing it.

One of the things Arnold really stressed was file management.  Being a PC guy, I feel like file management knowledge it a bit more of a necessity than to some Mac users, so it all came to me pretty easily.  He stressed that when I save something, "Don't just click 'OK' on the next dialog box you see without checking where the f*** it's going."  Very insightful.

Pro Toooooooooools :)

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