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Chris Tolan - Blog Entry Week 1 Posted on 2014-11-11 by Chris Tolan

My first week was awesome, my mentor arnold is a perfect fit for the type of teacher I need to explain and understand where my skills are at.  We both have an interest in electronic music so I am excited to collaborate on ideas throughout the sessions.  I learned so much from the first weeks curriculim.  I am learning several important things that I never knew before that can help the quality of my music drastically.  I am learning about frequencys, thats even though you may not hear, you can feel.  and that some people may hear certain sounds while other people may not hear them at all.. There is so much to learn and I am finally realizing if I truly put my mind and heart into it I will be able to achieve anything with my music and sound creation.  I am extremely excited to learn more at my next class tomorrow, Cheers!  CT


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