David ReinerNew York City Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering

Growing up in Westchester, NY, "David Eli" (David Eli Reiner) developed a passion for music at a very young age.  Purchasing his first guitar at the age of 12, it didn't take long for the young mind to quickly realize his musical ability. After forming a band in middle school, it became apparent that music would remain a constant in David's life for years to come.  

David began songwriting at an early age with the help of his band mates in high school, but it wasn't until he sat in the captains seat in front of a digital audio recorder that he realized that his passion was producing.  In this day and age, the techno-side of music is rapidly expanding, so fast that it is sometimes difficult to keep up.  David quickly fell in love with the art of electronic music, and incorporating live instruments into "Electronic" music.  Having experimented with a few different methods and home recording techniques, David soon realized that he would need to expand his knowlege in the world of audio engineering in order to accomplish the goal of becoming an established songwriter/producer/engineer.  

David wanted to seek the help of a program that would teach him the necessary skills in order to achieve his goals, while still remaining as active as possible in the music industry.  With the help of the Recording Connection, David was able to land an apprenticeship at Chung King Studios in New York City, studying under the great 'John King' who has produced many artists such as LL Cool J, The Fugees, Aerosmith, Run DMC, and many more.  It will be with the help of John King and the temple that is Chung King Studios, that will mold David Eli into the artist that he dreams of becoming.

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