Judy TheodoreNew York City Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineer

     My name is Judy Theodore. I am a young inspiring music producer/Artist from Brooklyn NY. I went to Herkimer Community college taking up Business Adminstration for two years and then transferred to Kingsborough communnity college taking up liberal arts. I've worked in a lot of different fields also while in school such as a marketing company , retail and as a real estate agent. I love experiencing new things to borden my knowledge but My first love has always been music. 

    I have many different hobbies. I sing, dance and play sports. I would love to model and act one day. I enjoy reading and baking on my relax days from work, currently employed at Victoria's Secret. I do like my job right now because i get to meet different people and build relationships with people that comes in the store every week. We meet alot of the models when they come in for events in the store. I get to interact with people that comes from all around the world and also run into famous faces thats really cool. 

    With this course I'm going in this with an open mind to everything to be the next succesful audio engineer, producer and artist the world has seen. I enjoy learning about all the different aspect of the business and interecting with people chasing a dream like anyone else in the world trying to make it. Helping artist get a few step closer to their dreaams. It's an amazing experience. I'm loving the studio and the people i'm around. I will definitely be putting my all into this for next couple of months. 

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