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Even though music was always around me growing up as a child, it never really made an impression on me. That all changed when I discovered that music can actaully be used as a way to express myself in my own unique way; from there on I was hooked. I studied every form of music I could get my hands on and disected what was done to make a great album and what type of sounds and atmosphere was created to bring the character or personality of a song to life from out of the sound speakers. This passion has driven me to not only write my own music but to want to re-create atmospheres and sound styles that will convey the personality and mood of the song through the medium of creating music albums. Now that I am pursueing a career in the industry of recording arts, my goal is to be able to apply my unique vision and understand of the sound scapes to my music as well as other artists to capture and create new listening experiences.


I have found that when a producer is really able to create an amazing peice of work through their recording techniques and mixing abilities, it is becuase they were able to paint a atmoshpere so intouch with the soul fo the music that you not only enjoyed the song itself but you were able to connect and live within that atmosphere yourself. You were not just hearing a good recording but you felt the atmoshpere, you could sink within the layers of sounds, and you could almost know the personalties of the instruments and the artists behind them. This is what drives me inside my career to be a music producer and engineer; being able to create not the best sounding recording per se, but to make the most acurate depictions of the atmoshpere to really pull the listner into another time and world. Like an oil painting that combines and fusses strokes and layers into each other to create a mood within the work. This is the approach I wish to apply to my career so that srtist will want to come to me knowing that they souls and idenity of their music is captured and displayed in such a way that the lisenter has no chance of being pulled into and connecting to the work.


This is the beginning of my journey to reaching this goal within the industry and I understand that not all are lucky enough to make a career of being an audio engineer and succesful producer. At this point the important steps is to stay focused on what the industry needs from audio engineers and producers; as well as, pay attention to changes demands the music industry might not yet know or see in the future of what types of new styles and visions that have not been explored yet within the realm of sound recording and engineering.


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