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In the Studio learning mics and how to record vocal overdubs Posted on 2013-03-15 by Matthew Smith

 Today I was in the studio with a singer who wanted to do overdubs on Latino style music tracks. This provided me the chance to see how routing through the console to the software was conducted; as well as, how to manipulate the tracks with the software and the effects it provides. A deeper look into the routing of the vocal signal allowed me to capture an understanding of how the patch is used to send the signal through effects, limiters, compressors, and preamps (we used two preamps to see which one would sound more impressive and to my surprise there can be a world of difference between preamps and the end result of the sound) . The highlight of the session came around when it become apparent that the artist was not performing at his best and I got to see the more human side of sitting in the control room, as the studio owner became the vocal coach and advice giver; a mix of engineer and producer rolled into one. From this experience I can see the importance of being a good communicator and having developed people skills.

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