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Major: Music Recording/Production

My name is Nick Garnsey. I am 19 and live in Binghamton, NY. I'm an avid music lover, player, and writer. I passionately got involved into music around the age of 13, when I received my first bass guitar. I'm deaf in my left ear, so sometimes it's hard to listen to others, or just get in on a conversation. When I play music, I can feel the vibrations, making it much easier to tell what kind of tones and keys I'm working with. Ever since I've gotten my first bass, I've learned to play guitar, bass, a little piano, ukelele, drums, and even sing. Some people say I have a handicap, but I consider my love for music quite the opposite.

When I was 15, I was searching for colleges to go to when I was a senior. While on one of the college websites, I noticed an advertisement for Recording Connection. When I saw it, I immediately clicked on it, and spent the next 4 hours studying their site. From all of the success stories to their facilities, I was in awe of the curriculuum that Recording Connection presented. From then forth, this was the only school I wanted to be in. I had no back-up plans, nothing to fall back to; this was my type of school. As of today, here I am! I made it! I couldn't be any happier to be part of this program with my mentor, Damien Cornwell, and everything he will, and already has taught me.

My other hobbies include video gaming and song-writing. I mostly play PC games like League of Legends or DOTA 2; games that require constant thinking and strategy, as well as great-timed reflexes. I write songs in my free time when I'm not juggling the two jobs that I have already, and sometimes it's a hit, but sometimes it's a miss. I'm currently working on a songlist that I absolutely love (which is hard for any musician to like their own songs) so I can record an album when I feel complete. So far, it's going well, but I have about 3/4 of the songs I've written, thrown out. My hobbies are balanced and sometimes it's hard to focus on anything else when I have these activies on my agenda.

All in all, I try my best to balance everything. I work all day, go to my classes, try to get as much homework as I can done for the week, and also handle my social life. My goals during and after the program are to record my very own album, and to help the production process anyway I can. Music is a part in eveyone's life, and I hope to spread music and help other musicians get their music out there as well. Once again, I'm Nick Garnsey, and I'm proud to be a student of Recording Connection.

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Nick Garnsey

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