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my name is Luis A.K.A Stash Flow im26 years of age and the ceo of LoveOverFame and L.O.F clothing. Born and raised in the Bronx of New York City my passion has always been music. I fell in love with the language, the way you can manipulate sound and words. Love the energy music brings to the world and to an individual. Muic can make the difference in the world as a whole and it uplifts spirits (well thats what it does for me and thats why im so in love with it) I've been mixing for about 3 years now and been a recording artist for about 10. Iv'e had minor success being able to perform in big venues such as colleges and meeting people that are already in the music industry but am trying to take my career to the next level. 

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Luis Lozada

week 2 Posted by Luis Lozada on 2014-11-24

in week 2 i also learned more about the electrical aspects of the hardware used in the studio. this was important because it will help you trouble shoot and find out issues that may arise when conducting a studio session... Read More >>