Taras SukhoverskyiNew York City Recording Connection


     My name is Taras. I was born and grew up in Western part of Ukraine. Moving to New York at the age of 22 was one of the biggest and most important steps in my life. Being in love with this city, I met a lot of talented and dedicated artists that were inspired by New York and I was inspired by them. Having passion for music and listening to my heart helped me to choose the way in my life and connect it with nothing, but music. My main interests are music production and sound engineering. Rock and electronic music were two biggest moving forces for me as a music fan (italians Planet Funk are my #1).

     I can't wish for a better place to learn and work than at Chung King Studios, which is a dream for a lot of aspiring musicians and recording engineers. One of my favorite quotes about music (as in all the creative fields) is 'Success is made of 1% talent and 99% of hard work'. Hard not to agree! I enjoy meeting people with new and unique ideas, different ways of seeing things and those, who are not afraid to try experimenting. No doubt, I will have great experience working at Chung King Studios and will do my best to be a dedicated and hardworking apprentice. 

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