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First impression Posted on 2014-08-12 by Taras Sukhoverskyi

Hi there, creative folks! I've been accepted to study/work at Chung King Studios and of course been waiting for my first lesson there. Can't say I was nervous or anxious (maybe cause I knew what questions to ask and how to behave).
It was Saturday, after a movie when I've been greeted buy Arnold Uribe who was my mentor. Really pleasant and polite guy. We had a first lesson in Genious Suite. First of all, we've talked a bit about my interests and purpose of wanting to be in the industry. Then Arnold told me about his methods of teaching and how he sees the practical part of my studies/working, which I really liked.
After that we began discussing Chapter 1 (Sound & Hearing). The conversation ran really smooth with me asking questions and Arnold answering them and explaining using live examples. Time flew fast, so we were out of the room in hour and a half. In the lobby I've met with Steven Kennedy (studio manager). We chit-chatted for a little bit, made my next lesson appointment and I asked if I could come in to observe how the studio works if there are any sessions going on during the week.
- Sure, Taras, just give me a call, and I'll let you know, - said Steve.

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