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On the way Posted on 2014-08-18 by Taras Sukhoverskyi

This time I was going to study about basic electronics. I guess every audio engineer has to have at least basic knowledge about this topic.When we started our lesson another guy (Recording Connection graduate) joined us in a Genius Room for discussion, which I didn't mind. The topic doesn't sound like the most interesting one comparing to others due to the closeness to physics (my personal opinion). Despite that, Arnold explained everything with examples, so it was clear to me what role electricity plays in audio engineering. After that we started going through other stuff like comparison of Ableton Live and Pro Tools, life and fun in Chung King Studios and also Arnold gave some advice for making my home bedroom studio better. Then we decided on time and day for our next lesson. On my way out talked a little bit to Steven Kennedy (studio manager) and we agreed on my volunteering in the studio next month if needed. Waiting for new exciting lessons and work hands-on's

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