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I've always been a sucker for a good pop song, no matter who the artist is. I love music in general and don't just listen to one genre but i've always had a love for pop. I want to create a whole new level for pop. That's my goal. I want to take the best elements from all different types of music and put it all together a create an amazing pop record. Someday i will. I'm currently a part of the recording connection, i plan on brushing up my producing skills so that i can get to work on creating music. Once i start i know i wont stop. I'm addicted to music. I'm always up to date on my favorite artist's and interesting facts in the industry. I'm constantly writing lyrics in my head and humming melodies, i cant help it. Music is my life. I want to make phenomenal music with the hopes of changing the world. I want my music to stand for something, i want to have anthems that make people realize the beauty of life and themselves. I plan on my first album revolving around the celebration of humanity because face it, in the end we are all humans. I want to create a whole brand new sound and i will someday soon.

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