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Final mix done took me a min but idc my money still green Posted on 2018-08-17 by Xavier Edwards

Its just has been a long journey overall and  I will do it again. I thought one thing at the beginning but at the end of the day  music has touched my life. Like I know the program is just a tool for education but it was the structure I needed to at least attepmt to think of a better life for myself and my family. In all my years of trying so many careers this the first thing I did that actually reached back when I went for it. Little by little i would see how music helped influence growth around me some good some bad but all in all still better than me not growing at all. Music isn't for anybody but if you have deep feelings best to express them. It really took sometime for me because music made me search my soul for meaning. Asking myself why do I even want to do this? Was it money ? Was it that everyone I know is doing music at this time? Of course those thoughts got me to even enrolling but when I was in the motions of this process I discovered what it takes to make something work. That is commitment  and patience. Overall in this process I discovered I lacked both greatly, but I cut things out my life to make room for something I wanted that I now believe in. Music to me is the engine in my life that will help me find completion in life and I would like to thank my mentor for making his apprentice Steve Sola The Mix King  the man who helped shape a monster Im out on that and call my phone I could use some one on one time with the damn ppl call an no answer 


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