Kai JackmanOrlando Recording Connection

Major: Recording Connection Aduio Institute


Hi, my name is Kai Cherise Jackman I'm a Student and Intern at KDS Music Studios. KDS Muisc Studios is located in the wonderful city of Florida. Orlando, Florida was just one of many places to create music, but I'm just getting started. This is just the beginning! Being born and rasied in "The Big Apple" the heart of it all, Brooklyn,New York for 19 years. As the only child music has always been apart of my life and  growing to learn more with my mentor,friend and teacher David Micheal. At the Age of 15 one summer I started working and saving my money for Dj Equiment. I would Dj my High School Boys and Girls basketball games, From there it was history! I wanted more. I wanted to create my own sound,learn the skills for mixing,mastering, pro tools, and production.  I am also a song writter and female rapper that is in a group call "Fly High" which means any one can fly high to acheieve their goals, dreams and much more.Sky the Limit!