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Born and Raised in Paterson N.J 28 years of age Proud African American. I graduated from public grammer school 12 and eastide high school in Paterson N.J. After high school i decided to get a job to help take care of the new family I started. I am now married and have two children ,[ boy] named julian who is now 9 years of age, [girl] named jeniece who is now 7 years of age. I had plenty of jobs after high school most notable doing maitenance for a preschool and daycare center in Paterson N.J. I am currently employed at a preschool center and church doing security and maitenance. I am the middle child of three children to the late Alice smith and Jessie smith. i have and older brother and younger sister who both i am currently caring for under certain circumstances. My mother past away feb of 2011 from a car accident with gave me responsibility of my younger sister who suffers from cognitive impairment. I enjoy hobbies like playing basketbal, football, and other sports activites wth my children. I also public speak at various anti violence rallies or summits to try to decrease some of the  drugs and violence thats tearing our inner cites appart. I desire to make a difference in people life through music.

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