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Major: Basic Audio Engineering

Alex Adams, 18 years old located in Perth Australia. I first fell inlove with with music as a young child, but when i got introduced to hip hop it changed my life. I was so fascinated with the way the emcee so rhymed their sentences together perfectly over a beat and alternating his flow throughout the song also. So I have been a huge fan of hip hop for a long time but i really wanted to only start producing music when i started to listen to people like ta-ku, jai paul, flostradamus, disclosure, mainly electronic music producers. So my aim is to one day perfectly blend the two styles but also let my music be influenced by the artists my parents brought me up on. In doing so i will achieve a sound that is unique.

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Alex Adams

Recording vocalsPosted by Alex Adams on 2014-07-18

Last night was the first time I assited with recording a vocal session, and  easily the best session so far. I learnt alot in terms of getting a vocal to sound good, but not over processed and how to get the most out of an artist... Read More >>

Alex Adams

Getting therePosted by Alex Adams on 2014-06-26

So i've been working at poonshead for a little while now and im loving every chance i have to be there. My responsibilities grow more and more each session... Read More >>