Fernando MartinezPhiladelphia Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering

My Name is Fernado Martinez and I am a up and coming Music Engineer/Producer. Iam PuertoRican and I am 22 Years Of Age. I am a Student at Recording Connection taking up Audio Engineering and hope of make it big one day. I Began My dream to becom a Audio Engineer/Producer by walking into a friend of mines little mini studio at his house he showed me the steps on how to go on and from there it was just alot of hours in front of my computer screen making beats or pretty much anything that delt with music. Iam a real Family guy try to spend as much time as i can with them. Same with Friends hang out play any type sport and just have fun. My inspiration comes from anything just hearing a sound that i like and turing it into something even better or just watching videos of my favorite producer and see what they do and just try to figure out a sound like theres but in my own type way. Iam Young and Hungrey so watch out cause theres nothing stopping me now