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Lesson #19 Sizzle Reel Posted on 2014-04-22 by Jonathan Edwards




Lesson #19

So the sizzle reel is done. I did the video editing myself this time. I figured it would work better if I did it myself to get some experience. Eli was able to hook me up with a website that allows me to rip video from YouTube, so that definitely helped. Most of the footage I pulled came for "Independence Day", "The Book of Eli", "The Road", "Battle: Los Angeles", and  "Green Lantern". Plus a few other random segments. It was good practice. I was able to start it off slow like I wanted then kick up the action towards the end. I laid down a short voice-over to help tell the story a little bit more. After I finished editing I wrote a script for the reel and sent the video over to Eli who hooked me up with an sound engineer to lay down the audio score. That turned out okay. The opening was great, but the ending was supposed to kick up with something loud and heavy to go along with the increased action, but it didn't. I guess the engineer had some trouble understanding what I was trying to do. But it worked out. Evan said that the reel would good. It could use some more work to emphasis the character aspect since that's important in my screenplay. So its something to think about if I try to pitch this screenplay again. I'll talk about how my pitch went in my next blog.

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