Reed KimmelPhiladelphia Recording Connection

Major: Recording Arts

Reed Kimmel here!

I am in the Recording Connection program. I have tried to go to school before but I just haven't found the one where I would feel comfortable and I didn't want to spend money only to have to pay back it back. That said, I am super happy that I was accepted into this course and the price is unbeatable for the experience I hope to get!

I have been part of an internship with my church for the past 10 months being heavily involved with he production side of it. I have made many sets, videos and audio clips for the church. I am also an active volunteer when it comes to Sunday morning. I have been running sound for my church for the past years, now more than ever. This intership has also given me responsibilty to not only run sound but to recruit and train volunteers for sound. The best part about training is that since I love to run sound, I never get tired of saying the same things over and over to trainees. I am also actively being trained by my the production ministry leader and though other seminars I attend like WATS and Audioverstiy.

Besides the internship, I work at a restuarant. I know this has nothing to do with learning sound but it does help me learn people. Some of my coworkers are very similar to my support group at my church, but there are some that are very different, sometimes in a bad way. By interacting with these coworkers I am learning how to interact with different personalities so when I find myself in a similar position with potential clients or band members, I will react and portray myself the mature and respectful way. I am glad to have the job I have as well because the pay is good enough so that I can pay for my own schooling. My parents loved this when they found out. 

Outside of day to day business, I do enjoy a good laugh at the movies. But I love to go to concerts more than anything! It is one thing to enjoy being in the background for a performance but to be in the audience allows me to only appreciate the hard work and dedication of both the artist and the team behind the scenes. Whether I know the music or not, there is always something to look at on the stage or to just listen to how its being mixed and comparing it to the recorded version. Some people will even "avoid" me at concets and big productions because I am super excitable by all that is happening. I do not know if this is a gift or a curse yet.

On the side, I will occassionally tag along with my dad, or even myself, to run sound or dj a wedding or small event. I enjoy them very much because of the appreciation I receive from the event planner. They are always so gracious at the end of the day for out services. 

That's a little bit about me and what I have been up to over the past couple of years!