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Major: Audio Engineering/Music Production

My name is Shannon Rupp, from Quakertown Pennsylvania. I am a musician that has been mesmerized by music since a young age. A few years ago I purchased an interface and a DAW and started fumbling through how to record. This past year I produced my first four song Ep. Through that experience I have gotten my hands dirty in the music production relm. I signed onto the Recording Connection beacuse I am interested in pursuing Music Production as a career, but also so that I may be able to self produce more music. 

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Shannon Rupp

March UpdatePosted by Shannon Rupp on 2016-03-25

The past few months in the studio have been awesome. The previous knowlegde I had about engineering is being built on an everything is clicking and making sense very quickly! Last month I ran a full tracking session, we did two full days of tracking in the studio... Read More >>

Shannon Rupp

December UpdatePosted by Shannon Rupp on 2015-12-10

I just finished up Chapter 9, we have been in Pro Tools for a week or so. I have been picking things up within the program rather quickly due to my previous experience with DAW's... Read More >>