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April 4th, Keep It Frank Posted on 2014-04-08 by Thomas White

   The first day of the beginning of success I should titile it, leading up to it was an exciting day. Arriving there Uncle Joey already had a session in progress and basically complete, He guided me to a live instrument room where I plopped a seat on the couch horrizontly from the window of the control room, I opened up my labtop to the assignment due for that class. Ten minutes later, Uncle Joey came in and we proceeded into the control room there I grabbed a seat and we basically went over the basic of what's going to take place over the next six months. "I'm going to be frank on describing what im going to need to know to make it and suceed in this buisness" he said ,which I appreciated very much I trust that he is going to guide me and put me on a path that I need to be after my time is up at the Recording Connection. I look forward to our next session and can't wait till its my turn up as the next big Engineer in Crystal Clear studio or out of Philadelphia.

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May 7th The Most important piece of equipment. Posted by Thomas White on 2014-05-15

On May seventh, Uncle Joey and I toched on the chapter that revolved around microphones. The piece of equipment that adds to the sound of an artist as well as seperates their sound, with all the diffrent types of mics from Dynamic mics Condenser mics to Ribbon mics they all have a certain job that they are meant for... Read More >>