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April 11th A.M.E.R.I.A.D.S Posted on 2014-04-18 by Thomas White

Analog, Mechanical Energy, Electrical Mechanical, Resistance, Impedance, Alternating Current, Direct Current. Signal Processing.

Many concept can be learned in the enviorment of a studio , from work flow,  to business , to personal. The ones above are many of the things to be learned. On April 11th uncle Joey briefly broke down these topics into simple form , the understanding of the topics highlighted above was placed into day to day objects used in the world , for example analog being a natural sound anything that doesn't involve powering up or electricity. Opposite of analog is mechanical energy which involves electricity or an alternating current which involve many outputs , compared to a direct current  which only is energy going into one source. These are few of many topics that runs through an engineer's mind when thinking about preparing a session , something as simple as connecting your mic into your power source but many of things that can be learned with the great uncle Joey . April 11th was a sucess , many things learned but I can't give you all the goods, HA. Looking foward to the next session.

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May 7th The Most important piece of equipment. Posted by Thomas White on 2014-05-15

On May seventh, Uncle Joey and I toched on the chapter that revolved around microphones. The piece of equipment that adds to the sound of an artist as well as seperates their sound, with all the diffrent types of mics from Dynamic mics Condenser mics to Ribbon mics they all have a certain job that they are meant for... Read More >>