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Major: Audio Engineering

Like most people im not very adept at describing myself but here it goes! I will try to bullet point the times in my life that led me to wanting to become an audio engineer as a profession. I started playing saxophone when I was 9 and still play. Now I play about 6 different instruments, I play bass guitar now mostly. I am apart of a band called The Lunar Year our music is linked on this page. All of it was mixed and mastered (to the best of my equipment and ability) by me. When was 16 I began working with my churches audio engineering team until I was 23. When we started we were completely analog with a 32 channel behringer mixing board and 16 channel recording board. Everything we did was live, lots of spoken word and music. I think we picked up an x32 about 3 years ago and it was really interesting to go from analog to digital. I handled most of the live music and live recording which went straight to cd. When I was 18 in high school I worked with Eric Van wagner, the audio engineering professor at otterbein and recorded lots of symphonies and jazz around columbus. About a year ago my wife and I decided to move out here to Philidelphia. I was suffering from depression because of my brothers untimely death in 2014. I am inspired by my mentor uncle Joey who suffered a very horrible loss to continue to work hard and press on with a good outlook on life. Im ready to see where this profession takes me and how I can help artist achieve their goals.

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