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Chapter One Posted on 2015-11-13 by Zachary McCaw

It is so interesting that vibration moves molecules in our atmosphere and creates "sound". One of the first lessons in our textbook is really interesting to me. I could tell off the bat the way it was explained with vocal cords this piece of work is going to be more valuable to me than I was thinking it would. I am more of a visual guy with learning but the textbook uses real life examples throughout. For instance the rock in the pond explaining waves going out from the rock displacing the water molecules. Or when dB SPL is explained at simply being the measure of volume of things around us. I had no idea 85-95 dB was what we should mix at. Hz is frequency and frequency is pitch, I have played saxophone in concert band for many years so I know a lot about pitch. I never connected the dots that pitch was the same thing as frequency. Im very eager to get to my first time in studio with Uncle Joey. Im glad to find that so far my excitement for learning this industry and the technical side of audio engineering is only increasing as I worked through the first chapter. I am even more fascinated now even after just working through the textbook than I was just going into this program. I know that moving forward with Joey is only going to make this experience all the more exciting.     

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