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Chapter Two Posted on 2015-11-19 by Zachary McCaw

I am thoroughly enjoying my course so far. Here in chapter two there are some things I could see myself being confused by, but the analogies given are very helpful. Specificly the explaination of how current flows and what the terms mean If we were using water as the material transferred. My last class with Joey was really exciting as well, I look forward to getting some hands on experience soon but last session we just talked for awhile about intrests in music and why sound fascinates us. I was curious about why instruments typically sound better with age. An explaination I was brought to was in the first chapter explaining how sound reflects and resonates with different materials. So, wood settling would give the sound different reflection. Two things I did not think about that Joey brought up were one, the material used were probably better initially, and secondly the design was probably better too. Its fascinating to me that there are discoverys in science that are undeniable, and discoverys with sound that are simple and undeniable as well. So far over all Ive read and discussions with Joey im realizing how close science and audio engineering really are! 

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