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CHapter 4 - Connecting Posted on 2015-03-02 by AJ Delmonico

Food for thought.  Prepare your mind for some filet mignon because the knowledge I am about to drop on you is some real philosophical explode your brain type stuff.  If delicious factual nuggets that make you contemplate existence don’t sit well with you then skip this post now.  With that disclaimer out of the way, let me dive right into the focus of our next chapter (and consequently this blog post) connectivity.

Humans by nature are made to interact with other humans (begin mind explosion).  Adam was given Eve to frolic with in the lovely gardens at the beginning of time because God knew that if he left him by himself he was going to be painting faces on volleyballs and giving them names and what not.  Its a good thing this happened too because otherwise Adam would have passed the crazy gene on to all of mankind and we would all be naming home appliances and having mental breakdowns when simple things happen around the house (don’t even ask how Adam would pass genes on without Eve in the first place, that’s a road I don’t want to go down).  Picture a family mourning a light bulb after it burns out (should have shelled out the extra bucks for LED).  I don’t think the human mind is built for that kind of stress, it’s already a hormone smorgasbord as is.  Therefore we have coupling and families and friendship and love and marriage all the different ways homosapien connects to homosapien and we experience all these emotional ups and downs together.  In the most basic sense, sharing your life with the world around you is how you leave your mark on this life.  Connecting with others.  What does all this have to do with audio engineering? Not much really except that the same way that humans connect to each other, equipment in the studio needs to be connected so that there is no disruption in signal flow and so that different pieces of machinery can share the work load.  Also I needed a thought provoking intro to the chapter that is basically identifying the different types of cables used with various equipment.  But now you have something to think about AND you have a decent summary of the chapter.  Your welcome.

I decided to give you a particularly profound summary of the chapter because my studio session that accompanied it was particularly profound for me (although now that I have gone back and read my intro I realize it was not articulated particularly well and was not as particularly profound as I had originally concieved it to be in my head).  This time I was lucky enough to share the studio with The J McCall Band, “a funky band with an eternal message,” and their band leader Jeremy McCall.  Over the past 3 years the band has been working on a groovey funk record that is very near completion.  The session had Jeremy re laying some vocals on a particularly difficult section of a song, and tightening up and editing arrangements for the final mix of the album.  It was an opportunity to really get my rump shaking as the music is downright funky and will definitely be a worthy opening act for the Red Elvises at the HardRock Cafe in Pittsburgh this saturday. 

I plan to be HardRocking



Check out the J McCall Band here!

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