Vafa Hedayati MahdiabadiPortland Recording Connection

Major: music production

Hi my name is Vafa, I\'ve been into music my whole life. Growing up I have just taught myself how to play different insturments like Guitar and piano and in middle school I was in band and marching band and I played drums like bass drum and snare drum. After middle school through high school that\'s when I decided I wanted to pursue in music industery and become a music producer. I started experimenting with music recording and editing vocals and sounds on Sony Acid Pro, Logic pro X and Serato. I have made couple mixes and remixes and growing up I just had fun with producing, I started recoding and desigining when I was 16 and now Im 20 and I have decided to go and learn everything about music production professionally. I have made my own little studio in my houseMy performance name is NWL and that stands for North West Life. My music industry name it represnts who I am and my music. the genre music I make is Electronic music,house and bass.