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I am born and raised here in Greenville, NC.  I grew up a music head always taking control of the radio whenever I was in the car.  I learned to play drums at a young age and performed all through my middle school and high school days for various functions such as churches, summer camps and youth rallies.  However, when I graduated and moved out of my parents house I was unable to take my set with me.  My hunger for music had to be satisfied another way and this pushed me to discover my love for beatmaking.  Once I learned that I could create entire songs on my computer with nothing but a keyboard and headphones I knew music productuion was the industry for me.  I am currently a senior at East Carolina University and am planning to graduate in May of this year with a degree In the Entrepreneurship of Music and a minor in Business.  I am using this program to teach me the art of music production as well as to hopefully jump start my career through the internship I was offered at Music Box Studio in Oak City, NC.

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