Perhaps known more for its colonial history and upscale culture, the city of Richmond, Virginia is also a regional center for arts, culture, and an active music scene. While larger and touring acts regularly play well-known venues such as The National, live music in a variety of genres can be heard in numerous smaller venues and pubs throughout Richmond. The Richmond Folk Festival draws many visitors each fall. The town is also known for its contribution to the metal genre, having spawned such bands as Lamb of God, GWAR and Municipal Waste.

Here on this page, you'll find a number of top-shelf music producers and audio engineers who have attained the highest standards of excellence by attending the Recording Connection Audio Institute, receiving state-of-the-art training one-on-one by professional audio engineers and music producers in some of the finest recording studios in Richmond, VA. We encourage you to visit the individual websites of these professionals to learn more about the benefits of attending the Recording Connection. Also, be sure to check out their websites if you are in need of professional audio recording services; you can't go wrong with one of these professionals at the helm.

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Latest Blog Entries from Richmond Recording Connection Students

Kierston Jones

Chapter 16Posted by Kierston Jones on 2017-09-19

This past week I went on a family vacation to the outer banks. There I took the opportunity to record a few songs. I havent heard too much of an improve on my mixing quiet yet, but it does feel good to somewhat know what im doing! i can only go up from here    Read More >>